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Glass Only Repair Package

Glass Only Repair Package

  • $ 47997
  • Save $ 70

THE KIT for every technician's workstation or cell phone repair shop looking to make the extra margins by doing Glass Only & Lens Separation Repairs on your customers broken digitizer assemblies. Look no further, everything you need in ONE easy to buy package!

Items Included:

* LCD & Glass Lens Separation Machine 220V
* UV LOCA Curing Lamp
* Alignment Mold for iPhone 4/4S
* Alignment Mold for Samsung Galaxy Note 2
* Alignment Mold for Samsung Galaxy Note 3
* Alignment Mold for Samsung Galaxy S3
* Alignment Mold for Samsung Galaxy S4
* Screw Organizer for iPhone 4/4S
* Screw Organizer for iPhone 5/5C/5S
* Double-Sided Red Tape 1.5mm
* Double-Sided Red Tape 3mm
* Double-Sided Red Tape 5mm
Black Tape - 2mm
* Phillips Screwdriver 1.5mm
* Tri-Point "Y" 2.0 Screwdriver
* Tri-Point "Y" 3.0 Screwdriver
* iSesamo Case Opening Tool
* Metal Spudger
* Molybdenum Separating Wire - 0.18mm - x2

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